Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fight to the death(of an iPod)

Havent been writing in a long time but im back. Hmmmm....... Let me see the most important things that has happened in the past week. Yes, so i saved up 205 dollars to buy myself a new iPod. I only had 90 at my house. And 115. So I hid it. I guess not well enough because lo and behold the next day 70 dollars of it was missing. So I got my brothers iPod as a holding so he would give me back my money. Well that didn't go as planned. He ran in my room to grab it and me and him ended up getting VERY physical. And I ended up beating up my brother-_- i know I should have handled it differently but at the moment all I thought was that he just pushed me and that must mean he wants to fight. Hopefully we never have to do that again!.