Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Morning ? I think not .

     Usually when you wake up on a typical morning you would get up and get some breakfast maybe clean the house a little. This is usually my morning. But not today. Mom came in and she woke us up bright and early with a "GET UP, WERE GOING TO CLEAN THE HOUSE". So we got up and we went right to cleaning. Miguel, not caring what she has to say just went and ate breakfast. 'goody two shoes' as he calls me didn't eat because she had ordered us to clean. After cleaning i went to go make pancakes. But got interrupted because Alyssa called.
     Her mother was on a rant ... AGAIN. This time it was over a belt. She needed a belt. She couldn't just wear one of the thousands of belts she owned... she needed a pink belt. So i rushed to get dressed and brought over a belt in the freezing cold. It's not like i could have just not brought it. Last time Alyssa's mom got mad she threw down a shelf and threw a little table. She ... has very bad anger issues. Like a spoiled child. They get what they want over and over then when they don't get what they want they throw a huge fit !. You're like 56 can you just deal with not having something you want? Gosh! 
     School has been canceled the last few days because of this crazy snow! That's good and bad. We get to relax which is good. But were loosing summer break and also our egimication. Somebody stop the snow! Make it spring again! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!?!? I have big exams coming up and we still have a lot to go over. I'm hoping that if i stay in Enriched science and i work hard enough ill be able to graduate high school one year early with my brother!. 
     Serenas pile of shoes have no reached my height. Who has that many shoes? That makes my head nod.... nu-uh... But i can't really say anything cause now i have a pair of shoes to go with everything, two pairs of boots, two pairs of dress shoes, two pairs of flats, two pairs of cheer leading shoes, and two pairs of high tops. I'm on a new acne medicine, now using this cream and these pills. I wonder how pills help acne ..... hmmmmmmmm .......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

People ...... have issues ...

         OK, so usually if somebody gets in trouble you would punish them right? NOPE ... not in my house. EVERYBODY gets punished. Miguel was being stupid last night and was logging on the computer like an idiot at 3:00am. And of course he got caught. So low and behold mother "dearest" turns off all Internet for the laptop and changes passwords and wont even tell em my own password. What's with that? :(. Yeah, i know . He shouldn't have done it. But he's 14 he wants a life and then you go and ruin every body's life just because of somebody Else's mistake? Then of course proceeds to say that she's trying to be fair.... but if she was trying to be fair then why can't i know my own passwords that she changed?
       Ughhhhhh... i cant wait till I've saved enough money to buy my laptop and start paying for my cellphone bill. i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t. . i think i can just go to rite aid and get a prepaid though ..... that would be easy ... ill save my money and do it next month :). Yes... when we are ready to do things we are supposed to she tells us to stop growing up but when ever we do something a little wrong it's an "OH GROW UP". Well I'm growing up alright. Now I'm going to prove them wrong . . . i am something. And no matter what ... i will succeed. Born to loose, built to win . . . I'm going to start posting some of my poems that i make too. here's one.
       All people talk about is love and hate, it causes more people to irate, We could change the world but it might be too late, for some of us god might have already slammed the gate. -Nesa Rodriguez

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strangling you... silently

This morning i woke up and everyone else was still asleep. Then about 6:45 i woke up my brother. Then at 7:00 went and asked if she would like to be woken up. She turned over with a rude no. When me and Miguel went to leave the house no matter how mad i was i said i love you and she said sure. I just blew up said whatever and slammed the door. What's the point in trying to be nice? A while ago she put me in therapy for my anger and i graduated from it but when she does things like that it doesn't help.
So i went to school and had a great day. Stayed tenth and went to cheer leading practice. Those prep of cheerleaders are so rude. Its like handing a Blondie a knife and telling her to cut vegetables. This one girl that i have so many issues with decided that she could be a lazy bum and just fall and rake her fingers down my arm. Making me bleed ... a lot. One glorious day... people will get their fingers cut off for scratching people. But I'm sure that it will be the day that pigs fly, and birds don't. When i went to go home in the really freezing dark, grandma decided she would send Miguel to come get me. Then she mixed up her words, and after getting mad blamed it on me ... as usual.
Also today i realized how many of people in this world are lieng, cheating, people. I just can't stand being lied to. Just tell me it strait up so that i can tell you what i think of it strait up right back. And also people who like to talk behind your back. Please, for once can you step up and say it to my face. When i confront you about it ... which i only do if i heard you say something myself. You shouldn't get wide eyed and start crying saying that you didn't say anything and be all afraid. If you could say it then ... than you can say it again... to my face. I would be so very glad if people could start doing this. Maybe then we wouldn't have as much animosity because everybody would know exactly what everyone thought of them. It's not that hard.

birthday ...... sort of .

Okay so yesterday was my birthday. I turned thirteen. I had an okay day. I got lots of birthday hugs and some people even got me gifts! Then there was Tweety a.k.a a monster. She baked me a cake which is the nicest thing she has ever done for me. But then decided i needed birthday punches ..... did i mention she was huge? She hit me fourteen times and twice in my boob which she claimed did not count. But the rest of the day was good. Then i had my cheer leading game. That was good, we won and had a lot of fun. Then ... i went home... I got ho me and got changed but then Serena told me that the makeup i had on was a little smeared and said that she would help me because i had had it on for three days without doing anything to it. Then got to hear my grandma bug out about it. She went on and on then just left the house. Things were surprisingly quiet after that. She just seems to be filled with a discrimination that i cannot find the words to explain. So we proceeded to do things then after we ate and everything me and Missy were messing with our phones to see if she could get me ring tones off her phone. After she left of course grandma continued to rant and rave until i went to bed on an angry note.