Sunday, January 16, 2011

People ...... have issues ...

         OK, so usually if somebody gets in trouble you would punish them right? NOPE ... not in my house. EVERYBODY gets punished. Miguel was being stupid last night and was logging on the computer like an idiot at 3:00am. And of course he got caught. So low and behold mother "dearest" turns off all Internet for the laptop and changes passwords and wont even tell em my own password. What's with that? :(. Yeah, i know . He shouldn't have done it. But he's 14 he wants a life and then you go and ruin every body's life just because of somebody Else's mistake? Then of course proceeds to say that she's trying to be fair.... but if she was trying to be fair then why can't i know my own passwords that she changed?
       Ughhhhhh... i cant wait till I've saved enough money to buy my laptop and start paying for my cellphone bill. i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t. . i think i can just go to rite aid and get a prepaid though ..... that would be easy ... ill save my money and do it next month :). Yes... when we are ready to do things we are supposed to she tells us to stop growing up but when ever we do something a little wrong it's an "OH GROW UP". Well I'm growing up alright. Now I'm going to prove them wrong . . . i am something. And no matter what ... i will succeed. Born to loose, built to win . . . I'm going to start posting some of my poems that i make too. here's one.
       All people talk about is love and hate, it causes more people to irate, We could change the world but it might be too late, for some of us god might have already slammed the gate. -Nesa Rodriguez


  1. I'm sorry about what happened and I agree that it is not fair. I hope it gets better for you guys.

  2. thank you missy . im hoping it gets better too .