Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strangling you... silently

This morning i woke up and everyone else was still asleep. Then about 6:45 i woke up my brother. Then at 7:00 went and asked if she would like to be woken up. She turned over with a rude no. When me and Miguel went to leave the house no matter how mad i was i said i love you and she said sure. I just blew up said whatever and slammed the door. What's the point in trying to be nice? A while ago she put me in therapy for my anger and i graduated from it but when she does things like that it doesn't help.
So i went to school and had a great day. Stayed tenth and went to cheer leading practice. Those prep of cheerleaders are so rude. Its like handing a Blondie a knife and telling her to cut vegetables. This one girl that i have so many issues with decided that she could be a lazy bum and just fall and rake her fingers down my arm. Making me bleed ... a lot. One glorious day... people will get their fingers cut off for scratching people. But I'm sure that it will be the day that pigs fly, and birds don't. When i went to go home in the really freezing dark, grandma decided she would send Miguel to come get me. Then she mixed up her words, and after getting mad blamed it on me ... as usual.
Also today i realized how many of people in this world are lieng, cheating, people. I just can't stand being lied to. Just tell me it strait up so that i can tell you what i think of it strait up right back. And also people who like to talk behind your back. Please, for once can you step up and say it to my face. When i confront you about it ... which i only do if i heard you say something myself. You shouldn't get wide eyed and start crying saying that you didn't say anything and be all afraid. If you could say it then ... than you can say it again... to my face. I would be so very glad if people could start doing this. Maybe then we wouldn't have as much animosity because everybody would know exactly what everyone thought of them. It's not that hard.


  1. Nesa you did good by killing her with kindness. I know its pretty rough right now but it will get better.

  2. Sometimes, people will be miserable no matter what you do. Don't take it personally as hard as that is.

  3. That is so true.... kill them with kindness... It works better like that.