Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One five letter word .... DRAMA .!

     Has your brother ever been a complete jerk from the time he wakes up till the time he goes off to school? Well that's my brothers life story. All he ever does is blahblahblah and he is very mean and moody. calls me a c... and mom a ..... what's wrong with him? Right now he owes me 43 dollars and either way ... hes paying it back. Yesterday morning he threw a snow ball at Sabriya and it landed next to her so they started arguing. i was walking with Sabriya and Miguel kept hitting us in the face and the back of our heads and backs with chunks of ice snow and slush. Then it landed in a puddle and got us soaked. I was so done. I started screaming at him and slapped him in his face. he threw two more so i didn't even bother to put gloves on i just dug my hands into the snow and slush and dirt mix in the road and pelted his face with it. His face got so red and even redder when he decided to still be smart and i told him to go home and brush his teeth and take a shower. Maybe i went a little over board but he really deserved it. 
      In my school every thing is drama. And every body is nosy so every bodies business is EVERYBODY business. If there was a contest for the most lying, cheating, mean people in the world Bailey Middle school would get first place. So i was having some drama that day and everyone got involved like little looses. I just pushed through the day. Ignoring pretty much everyone. Now were up to the tenth period bus. Nataya was on a spaz attack bugging out on Ontario. I told everybody just to leave her alone. She wont do anything. She's the kind of person that if nobody gases her up and provokes her she won't do anything. So Ontario got in my face and pushed me. Now ontario is the kind of big men looking person that you can pretty much figure is going to be a gang banger or drug dealer when he grows up. At this point of time of the day i had so much adrenaline running through me i didn't even think of being scared i just got in his face and pushed back. Then my brother just had to step in. Ughhh he couldn't have just let me finish? It would have been over. Then my over protective Friends had a word with him to let him know they'll be "watching". Intimidating. lmao. 
      Now he avoids me at ALL COSTS. Its almost funny. hmm ... next topic. Funny teachers, Mrs. Ellerby ... kind of relates to Mrs. Frizzle, but less fun and alot more mean. Loses her pencils in her hair, that's scary. Then theres Senora Decaro, Dora the explorer, She pointed at a chair that said what it was on Spanish and asked us what is this like we cant read. Always points put the obvious. Also freaky and to be avoided at all times. Hmmmm, annoying right?. I'm crazy or am i not.


  1. Sweetie, you should NEVER say what school you go to on a blog. Seriously.

    And tell your brother to knock it off with the C word. I said so.

  2. Hang in there honey. I don't know why your brother would ever use those words. It will work out.