Friday, December 31, 2010

the last twenty four hours.

Well. Last night was steel house night so me and my brother were home Alone. What was for dinner? Chicken patty and rice. As usual my older but much more lazy brother did not want to help. Me, being unusually short could not even reach the rice in the cabinet. After dinner I nicely let Miguel know that the dishes were waiting for him. Of course he left them. I decided to take a nice warm shower but right in the middle the water went scalding hot. It was clear my shower was over. When mom got home in the morning she flipped. I try to do my best but I'm only one person. I'm not supposed to be super-human. This morning I was woke up by my uncle Tim. I was still half awake half asleep as he explained to me that Elliot was outside and needed me to model for Him. I got a jacket on and went outside in shorts and a tank top to get it over with. What a way to start off new years eve. Allyssa will come over tonight. We are going to see the ball drop. As we do every year. But it never ceases to amaze me. As for my resolution... there is so many different things I have to accomplish for so many different people.
I must be attentive to my family and friends.
Work harder in school because its just not good enough yet.
Do better in sports . If I want the scholarship I have to be the best.
gain wait to satisfy my mom. And so much more.


  1. Don't change yourself for anyone else. Change yourself for you.

    Not good enough yet? Honey, I am sure you are doing just fine and it worries me to hear you go on and on about self-improvement like this. You're brilliant and beautiful and if you don't get a sports scholarship, I am sure there will be other scholarships available to you.

  2. By the way, you have a real talent for writing. Try using paragraphs and a spell check and you are more than halfway there!

  3. Nesa, Your a brilliant and beautiful girl with multiple talents.

    School- You can always work harder but honestly Nesa you are on the honor role. What more can be asked of you? Nobody is perfect and its ok to have trouble with things.

    Attentive to family and friends- I do think you could take your nose out the cell phone a little. lol Just be a kid OK!

    Sports- I think you are very talented so don't pressure yourself so much.

    Gain weight- I think at your age you shouldn't really be worried about this. Your growing!

    Dont feel pressured to change so much about yourself. You are awesome the way you are!
    I love you so much and am always here if you need to talk.

  4. Hang in there sweetie and please try to be a kid. The only person you have to make happy is yourself. You are an excellent student, amazing athlete and as for the eating thing.... ummm I thought she was watching how much you were eating... You don't need to worry about all of that. Be You and enjoy life. Oh, What is with the modeling? Tank top and shorts... it is freezing outside.